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September 10, 2021

5 Steps For A Strong Pitch Deck

The pitch deck is an important element in the journey of an entrepreneur that can boost the chances to successfully raise funds from angels and VCs. Put it in very simple words, a pitch deck is a brief slide presentation that is used to provide a quick overview of your startup and attract the interest and attention of potential investors. With Venture Capital firms investing in just 1% of all the startups they look at, you really don’t want to miss reading this.

Here are 5 simple steps we’ve put together to help you build a strong pitch deck.

1. Keep it short and simple

VCs receive hundreds of pitch decks every week. To increase the chances for a follow-up meeting, make sure to keep your presentation short and simple. Most importantly, be certain to state clearly the problem you are trying to solve and explain your solution in an easy-to-understand way; for instance, avoid using over-complicated words and complex grammatical structures that make the slides hard to read.

2. Adapt it

Different VCs look for different things in a pitch deck. Do your own research and understand what key elements a VC seeks for in a startup; then, once you’ve got this clear in your mind, make sure to highlight these points in your slides.

3. Market potential

VCs and angels invest in startups for several reasons. One reason is to generate returns. If you can’t show potential investors that there’s a big-enough opportunity in the market, they will not invest in your venture. So remember to include figures about the market potential and growth opportunities in your pitch deck. At the same time, avoid presenting unrealistic market projections.

4. Highlight the team

Investors back founders and teams who can execute ideas. When you are preparing a pitch deck to send out to potential investors, do include a slide or two where you highlight your team’s relevant expertise and experiences. Show angels and VCs that you can deliver what you promise; because remember, ideas are great but with no execution, they are “worthless”.

5. Give it consistency

To stand out, you also must ensure that your slides and figures are consistent throughout the presentation. Double-check the numbers you include and give the pitch-deck consistency both in terms of language and design (needless to say, if you can create eye-catching slides, that’s a plus).

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