Mission overview

99% of us will never get the funds needed to realise our dreams.

Perhaps we went to the “wrong” schools, are the “wrong” gender, live in the “wrong” zip code, belong to the “wrong” race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, have an impairment, and so on. In short, the overwhelming majority of us are overlooked and underestimated because we don’t “look” the part.
Technology allows us to change that, to democratise entrepreneurship and to level the playing field.
That’s why FounderTribes exists.
99% of founders are ignored; that’s more than 580 million founders not getting any meaningful feedback or support.
We all know that talent is distributed evenly; FounderTribes was created to ensure that this talent finds opportunity.
There are more than enough options out there for future unicorns. We aspire to support ALL founders.
So, whether you are struggling to raise a pre-seed round or you are a traditional business owner trying to upskill your business skills, we created FounderTribes for you.