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Google for Startups Social: #JewelxGary Instagram Live

To elevate the stories of Black founder voices in celebration of U.S. Black History Month, Jewel Burks Solomon, head of Google for Startups U.S., took over the @GoogleforStartups Instagram channel...

5 Steps For A Strong Pitch Deck

The pitch deck is an important element in the journey of an entrepreneur that can boost the chances to successfully raise funds from angels and VCs. Put it in very…

Building Diverse Startup Nations

Panel Two: Building “Diverse” Start-up Nations On Monday, Feb. 1st, we brought together leaders from New York City, London, Nigeria, India, Jamaica and Antigua and Barbuda for a panel on...

Stacey Abrams: Life as an Entrepreneur

On Thursday, February 25th, CEO and founder of FounderTribes Gary Stewart sat down for a virtual conversation with political leader, activist, and Fair Fight board chair Stacey Abrams, who was...

A Conversation with Jamal Hirani, CIO of Velocity Capital Advisors

Talent is Everywhere We sat down recently for a conversation with Jamal Hirani, Chief Investment Office of Velocity Capital Advisors. We discussed Jamal’s participation as a judge in our inaugural…

What VCs look for? – By Pranav Asoori

Raising money is hard. You send out hundreds of emails. Exhaust your network. Deliver your elevator pitch more times than you can count. You are tired and frustrated. But finally,…


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